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We are a community of like-minded people who enjoy Arthur Ransome’s writings and the philosophy of self-reliance.  We attract parents with children who also want to do things for themselves as Arthur’s children did in the books.  We encourage our under 16’s “The Outlaws” or “Juniors” to try things and do things which may not be available from schools.  There are always adults around, many with advanced skills in whatever we are doing.  We have third party liability insurance and have safety and safeguarding policies in place.  

‘I joined TARS with my family and we particularly enjoyed camping , sailing and looking for possible sites mentioned in the books. Over the years we have taken part in lots of activities and made many friends. I have also enjoyed the literary side of TARS, particularly the Literary Weekends which give the opportunity to learn much more about Arthur Ransome, his life and his writing. TARS events are always fun, interesting and friendly.’ AW

“The things we like about TARS:

Meeting up with other members; Making new friends, particularly those interested in AR; Outdoor activities – water activities, rowing, sailing, canoeing, archery, skating; Learning about AR and other writers; Visit events; Camping in a group; Campfire singing; Opportunity to write articles and reviews for the Outlaw and for the regional pages in Signals”

The Blues Family

“I like belonging to TARS because I get to participate in sailing events and camps” BH (14)

“I like being a member of TARS because I enjoy sailing and going in boats and making new friends at the events” FH (12)

“I made a new friend and we get to go out in boats which is great fun” RH (7)

The Hambleton Family

TARS is not only for children and parents.  Many adults join us as they still enjoy doing things with like-minded people; other adults because they just enjoy the publications from their arm-chair.  It is popular with grandparents too, bringing their grandchildren along, often for weekend events.
As a member you receive our excellent publications Signals, and Outlaw for Juniors, three times a year and Mixed Moss once a year.
You can borrow books from the TARS Library which has a long catalogue of books which can be viewed here:

It is situated In Hampshire contact Christine Rae

Another great benefit of joining TARS is that you will be able to subscribe to individual Amazon Publications. TARS may very well be unique among literary societies in having its own publishing arm. For the last 28 years Amazon Publications – a non-profit venture – have published works – written by Tars – enhancing the understanding of Arthur Ransome, his life and his works. These books are not available commercially to the general public. They are written solely for Society members. Amazon Publications enjoys special privileges from Ransome’s Literary Executors and is able to publish copyright material for the exclusive benefit of members.


Day visitor £2 per person per day for 2 taster days per annum. Available through your Regional Secretary, and for day visiting only.

Full membership runs from January to December.  We are aware of ecological concerns regarding printed matter and the cost of postage, and so are moving towards online membership (link toward the end of this section which accepts any membership type, save Japan’s own version of TARS). As a member you will receive Signals, our magazine, 3 times a year and it is accessible online as well.  Mixed Moss is still published once a year, but will be accessible online for overseas people particularly. Junior and family memberships also receive Outlaw 3 times a year and it is also available online.

If you join from October 1st, your membership runs till the following December.

TypeOnline membershipPaper membership
Single adult£25£25
OverseasContact Overseas SecretaryContact Overseas Secretary
The Arthur Ransome Society Membership Charges February 2020

We have online membership management, please follow the instructions below. The following various paper applications with cheque are still acceptable.

To become a member for anywhere please apply online, or by paper to the UK and Overseas (except Australia and New Zealand) By downloading Membership Form 2021, or for NZ and Aus their forms which needs to be completed and returned to the appropriate address on the form with payment. You can become a Japanese member of TARS by joining TARS and/or a member of Japan’s own equivalent of TARS by contacting the Japan Co-ordinator Overseas prices are £5 more than UK if you opt for for paper publications.

Prices haven’t changed from 2021.


The Membership Secretary
The Arthur Ransome Society Ltd
Abbot Hall, Kirkland

Japan contact


Temporarily Vacant


Mr. Ian Sacré
Marine Drive
Royston, BC V0R 2V0

Australia & New Zealand

Co-ordinators for New Zealand:
Neil and Barbara Robertson

Australia secretary: Dawn Ciechomski

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Brochure for Australia and New Zealand:

The Arthur Ransome Society New Zealand: application for membership

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TARS Policies: Child Safeguarding and Data Protection are available on request.

Equality Policy: The Arthur Ransome Society is committed to treating all people equally, with respect and dignity. We welcome members irrespective of: age, disability, sex, race, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation or gender reassignment.