Sail Swallow and Amazon!

The classic dinghies from the original Swallows and Amazons 1974 film.

I would like to Sail!, and now Amazon is ready!

A list of people wishing to sail Swallow and Amazon has been kept by Diana, who is contacting them,

– but now Martin at Hunter’s is taking bookings: 01692 678263


Sailing is to be at £50 per half day.

Amazon has been made safe to hire and will, in the next few years, require a further £10,000 of work once Swallow has been put in service. Swallow needs at least £10,000 to bring her up to a safe and sustainable standard, and so this is in terms of years, rather than months, as we raise the money and the Yard can find the time to do the works in a sensible order.

Contact Diana about these posts, and Martin at Hunter’s Yard 01692 678263 to be on the interested in sailing list or to volunteer to be a skipper or launcher.