Restoration of Swallow and Amazon

Amazon: Amazon has been made ready to row and to sail (in light winds) this year for under £2000. Launch 24/8/23. We are hopeful that no more than maintenance will be needed until Swallow is ready to take over.

She needed the centreboard casing removed and replaced as it leaked. Some work to her spars. The centreboard lifting mechanism replaced.

After Swallow is fully ready, in a couple of years, Amazon will also need a renovation at about £10,000 .


Swallow is in need of a considerable amount of repair and restoration. Planking work will have to be re-assessed when the varnish and paint has been removed so please be aware that our cost estimate may change at that point.


  1. Remove thwarts and risings
  2. Remove gunwales, breasthook, and quarter knees
  3. Scrape and remove varnish and paint, internal and external.
    1. NB: planking work to be re-assessed this stage. However, the following work has been identified as necessary:
  4. Planks into stem post to be repaired, replaced and re-fitted
  5. Stem post to be removed, remade and re-fitted
  6. Replace starboard plank 6
  7. Replace starboard sheer plank
  8. Replace 6 ribs starboard
  9. Repair stern post
  10. Repair and refit thwart hanging knees
  11. Scrape, remove, varnish, refit gunwales and quarter knees
  12. New breasthook – make and fit
  13. Five cracked floor boards – remove, make, paint, fit
  14. Revarnish internal planks and fittings and paint bilge
  15. Revarnish external planks and paint below waterline

Approximate costs:

Material – £ 2,212.65

Labour – 254 hours @ £30 per hour – £7,620

Estimate total – £9,832.65 plus VAT (£11,799.18)

We have £10,500 and the rest should be donated in the near future.

Swallow is at least 60 years old, so not unexpected!

This is the standard that the boats will be brought up to so that they will thereafter need minimal maintenance Hunter’s own Titmouse from the Broads films, and are planning to give Lullaby a removeable transom so that the Teasel can be hired with Titmouse as her tender.