Sail Swallow and Amazon

The classic dinghies from the original Swallows and Amazons 1974 film.

I would like to Donate

The Arthur Ransome Society Payment Site ( and use the donation option marking it “S&A Fund”, adding any specific thing you want to give for, or it will go into a general fund for either boat.  All donors will receive a certificate and have their on a board of honour.

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Cheque to David Middleton, address in Signals.
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– Sort Code: 40-26-02 and account 61245775, The Arthur Ransome Society Ltd, Reference: If you are a TARS member: SS&A Fund, Your Member Number, Surname. If not a member, SS&A Fund, your first and second names, and we would also like your email address to send you your certificate.

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Within 24 hours of the Board decision we had received £500 to the S&A Fund, and over £3,700.48 since since so only another £1300 required urgently to put Swallow on her way to being restored, (we have found some matched funding).

and then

restoration funding to go for Amazon! 

And then we are looking for a cushion fund against crash repairs as it will be cheaper to get the boats repaired and working instead of waiting on insurance paperwork, so will be looking for a further £5000 per boat to facilitate this.

Thereafter the boats should more or less earn their keep. ☺

Amazon: Amazon could be made ready to row and to sail (in light winds) this year for a new estimate being prepared and we have enough for that already.  Bless the Hunter’s team, they have almost got Amazon ready for trials. Thank you all!


Swallow is in need of a considerable amount of repair and restoration and need all the money in place before they start work, so that the work can be done in the most economic way possible.

Though Swallow has not been afloat for some time she has taken up and become tight which is encouraging. The above should cost around £2,000 – £3,000. Then, as Swallow is at least 60 years old, she needs a full strip and re-varnish which may reveal more work being needed. That will cost c. £10,000.

Amazon will need the same in due course so we are budgeting for that as well. £10,000

Detail for Swallow’s restoration:

This is all we have at the moment, but we are planning that donations will have a certificate stating what the donation represents, so if you want yours for a particular thing, please say so.

  • Labour £30/hour
  • Removing and replacing ribs is a two-man job. The cost of materials, the time to steam a rib ready for fitting, the time cleaning and preparing the surface would be at least five  hours labour,   £150 + materials £50 + VAT = £240 per rib.
  • Knee replacement:  £TBA
  • Bottomboards: also tba
  • Gunwale by the foot:  tba
  • Repairing the gaff: tba
  • Varnish and painting: £15 per square foot (£30 per hour plus materials)


Fund growth:

Target 1 £500 (now increased) to get Amazon on the water for light wind sailing 25/02/23 work started.

Target 2 £13,000 to repair Swallow’s broken woodwork, and to completely strip, investigate how much timber needs replacing, re-varnish, and more if more timber needs replacing than they think. Work to start mid-June 2023.

Target 3 £10,000 to strip and re-varnish Amazon probably 2025/6

So far we have £3000 from a legacy, £3700.48 in individual donations, and two promises of £240 each and a matched fund offer for £5000.