Your Adventure: Activity Information

The events below are categorised into Junior Log Book Challenge badges.

Adventure Events


Walking is a pleasurable, healthy and interesting activity. Not only do you feel better, but incidentally you will learn map reading, geography, history, architecture, ecology and a long list of other things.  Walking is good, but walking in good company is far better.


We often go on walks which are in high terrain to achieve a view.  Not all are as strenuous as that sounds, and climbing itself usually involves clambering rather than climbing but we sometimes organise proper, professionally supervised, climbing events.

Ice Skating

AR made a whole book around ice-skating and tobogganing.  So if the conditions are available we do go ice-skating, but outdoor ice-skating generally means difficult travelling, and indoor is expensive.

Nautical Events


Many thousands of people have learned to sail by reading AR’s Swallows and Amazons series of books.  Dame Ellen MacArthur, the long distance solo sailor, became interested in sailing from reading Arthur Ransome‘s Swallows and Amazons series of books. She has since become the Patron of the Nancy Blackett Trust which owns and operates Ransome’s yacht, Nancy Blackett.

TARS now have Sail Swallow and Amazon, the classic dinghies from the 1974 film, which you can hire from Hunter’s Yard in Ludham. see Sail Swallow and Amazon page.

Canoe, Kayak, Rowing and SUP

If you have never tried them these are an excellent entry to water sports. Also they are good for people who are no longer so nimble!  Many Tars own small craft such as these which they bring along to events for others to use.  Come to a Nautical event and learn for yourself how versatile these craft are.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships come to our ports frequently and can be visited for a fee.  A three hour sail is about £50.  Tall ships were the super tankers and jumbo jets of their day, but romantic and alive in a way no modern transport machine is.

Discovery Events

Map Reading

Map reading is an essential life skill, particularly when the SatNav makes a mistake!  (Oh yes they do!)  By coming with us you will learn map reading.


We go to many photogenic places so many people take photos.  If you know nothing about it, there will be people around who can help you with your first steps.  If you are experienced, we encourage you to make a record of the event which we can put up on the members’ web pages or, if your models give permission put on the public pages and Facebook.  We need new short videos to keep the website fresh.


At many events an incidental activity will be signalling in Semaphore, Morse or a made up signalling system.  Understanding signalling is key to good navigation.We often go birdwatching as it occurs so often in the books.  However other animals are mentioned, so we go and look at those too.


Rattletrap is as much a character in some of the books as any human, so there is a lively interest amongst Tars in period vehicles, and one member owns one of a type that may well have been Rattletrap.


Pirates appear in the antics of the Amazons and real ones in Missee Lee.  We have a model of the Shining Moon, Missee Lee’s junk.  Dressing up as pirates is occurs particularly as part of autumn and winter meetings.

Free Choice Events


We often go birdwatching as it occurs so often in the books.  However other animals are mentioned, so we go and look at those too.


Fireworks feature in two books and are referred to in more, so we try and attend organised events together.  Do you have a good event near you?  If so tell your Regional Secretary and they can organise an event.


Dick and the Coots were avid birdwatchers, so we often follow them learning more about them.  Exploring their preferred habitats takes us to unspoilt areas, a welcome break from traffic and concrete.


The Amazons had longbows and a crossbow.  We regularly include archery in our activities, both at proper clubs and at camps.


Some members just like the slow pace of travel and not having to walk, some like the mechanics of it all, but either way, taking trips on heritage railways is a popular activity.


As AR had dogs in most of the books, we like to include dogs in activities where we can. AR’s dogs were all well behaved and only chased villains!

Titty’s Challenge


Reading takes you all over the world from the comfort of where you are.  It allows you to learn new things effortlessly and widens your experience by the author taking you on the journey but allowing your imagination to expand the text.  AR is particularly good at putting you in the location, so that when you visit the places in the books they seem already familiar.  Books are portable and do not need recharging!  In our members area we also have links to other related authors both for children and adults.


Mrs Barrable went to the Broads to paint, so we meet the Coots.  Titty also was artistic, but we only see her illustrating the various maps the Swallows make.  So we count both and other crafty things together, and have painting days and model making days too.


Quizzes on AR, his works and the above activities are a popular filler for our meetings. 

John’s Challenge


We camp at every opportunity.  Not all Tars camp, so usually there are local B&Bs available, so that everyone can join in.