Junior members (Age 5 to under 16)

Junior Adventure Starts Here Video. Footage by Paul Green, Edited by BC Website Design

  • Watch the video above to see the events our members take part in.
  • As a Junior member, you would have access to The Outlaw (click here to view an extract), and the senior publications, Signals and Mixed Moss.
  • Read the books to experience the locations, meet the characters and dream about the adventures they get up to.
  • Try our self-led indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Take a look at our events.
  • Take part in our Writing Competition.
  • When you join, you receive a Junior Log Book to record your achievements. You can start collecting evidence before you join The Arthur Ransome Society.
  • If you are contemplating an activity which involves an expense, you may be eligible to apply for our Junior Adventure Fund.
  • To try our 24 quizzes on the books you have to become a member:

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Junior Activities to try at Home

Want to try an activity at home? Try some of our Junior Activities.

The Junior Adventure Fund

The Fund provides grants to help young TARS take part in Ransome inspired activities.

Are you Eligible?

TARS between 13 and 19 may apply and this includes those that are part of family memberships. The fund is trying to encourage adventurous activities that will stretch you and enable you to learn new skills. Young TARS from anywhere around the world can apply.

What may you receive?

The fund gives financial grants towards the cost of undertaking Ransome inspired activities. We usually don’t cover the full cost of any activity because we feel that raising funding yourself is an important part of undertaking an activity.

What activities are covered?

The range is wide – sailing, climbing, camping, cycling, riding, chess tournaments, scientific activities, archaeological events or activities involving birds or the conservation of wildlife. They can be under the authority of any recognised adventure-training group.

What activities are not covered?

School trips and G.C.S.E. field trips.

How do I apply?

To apply you need to be a member, please read details on our Members’ Area.